AI-backed Direct Booking Solutions To Double Your Revenue.

We focus on driving more hotel bookings without you spending a penny for the overly expensive OTAs. Optimize your business strategy and stay ahead of your competitors with our research-driven innovative solutions.


Prioritize Profit over Expenses

Direct Bookings

< 0 %

The return rate on your website.

You get to keep entire profits in your pocket.

OTA Bookings

> 0 %

Expenditure of a hotel on third-party OTA.

Drains most of the financial resources with high CPA.

Create A Strong Online Foothold, With Our Optimized Direct Booking Strategy

The key to a successful online business is to leverage the power of a technology adept website. Integrate our solutions to turn your website into a powerful source of direct booking.

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Increase in online booking
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Revenue increase
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Average inventory sold
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More visibility online

We were apprehensive of shifting from OTAs, however, Meta Hotel’s solutions made the transition simple for us. They helped us create a direct booking engine funnel. The results have been extremely satisfying so far. Our revenue has increased manifold through direct bookings alone.

– Alicia McKanzey


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