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Payment platforms

Whether it’s due to a change in user trends, competition against OTAs or regulations such as the PSD2, your hotel needs to adapt to the new payment app ecosystem to be competitive versus OTAs. We will help you to choose the best payment processor for your direct sales. By using many of them, you will be able to integrate alternative payment methods such as Bizum, Paypal, Apple Pay, Wechat, Google Pay, Sofort, IDEAL or Klarna, among many others.

Metasearch engines

Is your direct channel present on metasearch engines?

Will you allow your bookings to end up in the hands of OTAs?

Take advantage of this great opportunity, strengthen your direct channel and recover sales from OTAs.

Metasearch optimization & management platforms

The technical integration with metasearch engines is just the first step. We will then need a platform to monitor the results and performance of your campaigns. It must also manage your biddings either manually or automatically using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Communication with your client and chatbots

Improve your communication and customer service. Automation and artificial intelligence will allow you to improve the service and reduce response times, improving your customers’ general satisfaction.

Price comparison widgets

Make it easier for your customers to compare prices without leaving your page. Prove that booking on your page is the best option.

Channel Managers

Automate the load (inventory, availability, restrictions and fees – ARI) of our booking engines and download bookings to your PMS via the CRS or channel manager (two-way integration).

Property Management System – PMS

Although it is most common to connect the PMS to booking engines via a channel manager or CRS, sometimes it makes sense to have a direct integration with the PMS.

3D virtual tours & Videos

Surprise your customers with complete 3D virtual tours and videos of your rooms.

The best user experience which will lead to better conversion and profitability of your marketing campaigns.

Revenue Management System y Business Intelligence

Revenue Management System and Business Intelligence tools.

Save time when analysing your location’s demand data, benchmarking and controlling your parity.

Make the best decisions thanks to the most efficient revenue and BI tools on the market. All of this integrated into your Mirai Booking engines.

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Make the most of your database, segment, and improve your personalized communication with your customers.

Cart abandonment recovery

Track users who did not complete the purchasing process and convert some of these abandoned bookings into completed bookings.

Various relevant integrations

Other companies that offer services to Mirai client hotels and contribute towards expanding their direct sales scope.

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